Ancient ceremonies were celebrated twice a year in autumn and spring, which represented the resting and perennial awakening periods of nature in the countryside, the “Celebration of Life”, the strength and rebirth of which are symbolised by the ear of wheat. Cyclicity and regeneration are rites of passage that confirm the essential moments of life, such as that of the transhumance, during which herds of livestock are moved along ancient pastoral tracks from hilly and mountain
areas towards the coast in the winter season and back in the summer, feeding on “Pecorino” grapes along the way. Our Pecorino maintains the blonde colour of wheat, presenting a golden shade of yellow with sparkling highlights. Its bouquet is characteristic and bold, with persuasive fruity essences including tropical fruit, mango, melon, grapefruit and unique spicy notes, giving it a full, harmonious, sapid taste and a long persistence. A perfect accompaniment for delicate starters,
pasta and rice dishes with white sauces, also with fish.

To be served at 10°-12°C.


Production area
Rosciano, Milano Estate.

Type of terrain
Deep, rich, slightly clayey.

Training system

In stainless steel barrels, after the skins come into contact with the cold must and soft pressing.

In stainless steel barrels and finally in bottles.

Ageing period in months

Alcohol content
13% vol

First year of production

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