Blend of the following olive kinds, cold pressed in a continuous press: Moraiolo, Maurino, Intosso, Ascolana, Leccino, Leccio del Corno, Perenzana and Frantoio.

Our olive production began over fifty years ago, in the countryside around Villa Oliveti, on the Tratturo Estate in Rosciano, later extending to the various estates. Here the olive tree, characteristic of our hilly landscape, found the ideal conditions for nurturing its precious fruits. Our extra virgin olive oil is processed using the most innovative technologies to preserve the original virtues of the olives as much as possible… to honour this key ingredient in the Mediterranean diet, which enhances the flavours and aromas of all our traditional dishes. A premium quality extra virgin olive oil that carries the flavours and aromas of Italy all over the world.

Production area
Rosciano Estates.

Green, slightly intense.

The bouquet opens with herbaceous aromas and green olives accompanied by hints of almond and artichoke.

The pleasant sensation of bitterness is followed by a slightly more intense presence of spicy with echoes of herbs and almonds, and balanced notes of artichoke that contribute to give it structure and refinement.

Food pairing
Enjoy it on grilled vegetables, in the preparation of sauces or baked chicken and rabbit.

First year of production

50 cl

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