dante marramiero


The art of distillation is an ancient technique that we have always found fascinating. After tasting Carlo Gobetti’s various distillates, we realised that we were dealing with a maestro who embraces excellence as a way of life, and that only he could be entrusted with the pomace extracted from our wine Montepulciano d’Abruzzo “Dante Marramiero”. After a long maceration process, the pomace retains all its characteristics, allowing us to produce a spirit of the highest quality. Using a discontinuous bain-marie distillation method with low alcohol content (from 55% to 65%), we are able to extract all its aromas and the necessary concentration to allow us to appreciate its full alcohol content, without it resulting excessive. Clear and colourless, with aromas that are elegant, harmonious, broad and complex, delivering notes of fruit, spices and flowers that are characteristic of this grape variety. It bears a dry and austere flavour, offering a powerful and at the same time delicate entrance: a rich, lasting sensation imbued with intriguing originality. Its aftertastes unfold harmonious blends of aromas with preserved fruit undertones. All the scents and aromas have been obtained by distillation only, without adding aromatic essences or distilled water.

Grape variety

Area of production
Rosciano, Sant’Andrea Estate.

Type of soil
South-facing, very clayey soils from which grapes rich in extracts and sugars are obtained.

Distillation system
Discontinuous, “bain-marie steam” at low alcohol content (from 55% to 65%).

Stainless steel for a period of at least 24 months.

Alcohol content
between 63,1 and 66,9% vol

First year of production

50 cl / 75 cl / 3 L

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